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Introducing the Tactical Tiedown, a revolutionary new and simple way to safely secure your cargo! After years of stagnation, our breakthrough technology is disrupting the entire Tie Down industry. Our patented “No Ratchet” system eliminates the hassles and frustrations of conventional tie downs making it simple for anyone and everyone to use.

No Ratchets! No Clamps! No Problems! Combining the ease and portability of a bungee cord with the strength and durability of a standard ratcheting unit, the Tactical Tiedown is the best of both worlds. Simply pull the patented constrictor loop to tighten and you’re done, what used to take minutes can now be accomplished in seconds. To release, just pull the rope in the other direction until you’ve loosened your load. The beauty is in its simplicity, it’s that easy to BE TACTICAL!

The name says it all; our no ratchet Tactical Tiedown is perfect for everything from light recreational use to heavy industrial work and anything in-between. With nothing to rust, nothing to jam at the wrong time, and no more busted knuckles we have taken the frustrations and complications out of the equation. Yet the Tactical Tiedown is just at tough and durable with high quality military grade polypropylene material and galvanized steel, rubber coated hooks. How strong? 2,100lb Break Strength / 700lb Load Limit!

Since this is a much less intimidating option that traditional ratchet tie downs, its ease of use is appealing to not only men but women, teenagers, and the elderly. Our sleek design is lightweight and portable which makes storage and transfer convenient – keep one in your glove box.